Free Resource - 75 Prayers for a Powerful Woman of Faith - Live a life of inspiration, motivation and passionate purpose.

These 75 prayers for a powerful woman of faith will give you the inspiration you need to dig deep, get on track and connect with the passionate purpose God put within you.  For a daily devotional that is your one-stop shop for everything inspiration, check out the Unleash Your #Legend Daily Devotional here.

I remember the first time I felt like I was completely depleted of inspiration.

It was like this cloud of heaviness was over me, keeping me from being able to take any steps towards my goal.  My thought process constantly told me I shouldn't bother; I was only going to fail again.

My self-esteem didn't trust my instincts or believe in my ability to succeed.

But then the Holy Spirit intervened by three simple words: "God loves you."

And with those three simple words, I realized that I am a child of Purpose. I am a child of Prosperity. I am a child of Victory. I am a child of Destiny.

God loves me.  And in loving me, He has designed this world to take me right to my destiny. He has designed this universe to open its doors and allow me to walk my path to success.

The only catch?

I'm the person who has to walk it. I'm the person who has to move forward, who has to reach out, who has to take that first step towards victory and keep walking each agonizing inch towards success.

Because it won't be easy. The journey to victory won't be smoothed. But if I simply keep the mindset of victory within me, I won't be held back or defeated. I'll have the inspiration and motivation I need to keep walking another step.

And that's what the 75 Prayers for a Powerful Woman of Faith is designed to do. Give you the motivation you need - within 5 minutes or less - to walk just one more step.

This is an absolutely FREE resource we've created to inspire your faith, encourage your purpose and nudge you closer to success.

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